Fair Information

The MISEF 2022 will be held Virtually, and is open to Indigenous students from grades 1 through 12 in Manitoba.

The fair will be divided into 6 levels

1. Primary …………..(Grade 1-3)

2. Elementary …… (Grade 4)

3. Middle …………. (Grade 5/6)

4. Junior ……………. (Grade 7/8)

6. Intermediate … (Grade 9/10)

6. Senior……………. (Grade 11/12)

Projects at the Grade 1 to 4 Levels can be completed by individuals or by groups of up to 4 students.

Projects at the Grade 5 through 12 Levels can only be completed by either an individual or a pair of students.

For the Purpose of Judging, Projects will be sorted into two categories – Life Sciences and Physical Sciences – at each level.


Medal Awards: Every project exhibited will be eligible for a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Medal

Special Awards: There will be various ‘special awards’ offered for excellence in specific parameters as per award sponsors

Major Awards: CWSF – Up to 7 students from grade 7-12 will be selected to have their projects exhibited at the Canada Wide Science Fair, in May

Timelines and Deadlines

Registration for the 2022 MISEF is open from February 15 through April 6, 2022. Students can register and upload projects at any time after registration opens, and until five days before the judging period begins. This year the lockdown date is April 6. After that date projects will be locked for judging and cannot be edited.

Registration Cost and Information:

For this year (2022), because the event is Virtual, and therefore costs are limited to the cost of awards, prizes, participation gifts, and CWSF participation. Therefore, we are able to keep the cost of Registration down to a minimum. The fee for participation will be $10 per student.

For detailed instructions on how to register, pay the registration fee, and upload your projects to the virtual fair platform please contact info@misef.ca and request the registration information package.